Fully automated EPS production plant
Number of operators: two (2) per shift excl. forklift drives for loading of blocks and discharging of pallets

Silo Plant with automatic control system
Mixing Units
Vacuum Blockmould TNG
• Automatic Block Storage System
• Automatic cutting line FOAMLINE HVQ or StyroDesign HVX
• Automatic handling systems for de-stacking and palletizing Type VIRO-BOT
• Automatic packaging machine PPZA for bundle wrapping on 4 sides
• Automatic horizontal or vertical bale wrappers STARGATE / ATLANTIS
Recycling Plant
Steam Plant, water treatment, accumulator and compressor

Semi-automated EPS production plant
Number of operators: min. five to six (5-6) per shift

Silo plant with manual control
Mixing system
Vacuum Blockmould TNG
• Sheet cutting line Type UNICUT PRO or UNICUT
• Semi-automatic packaging machine PPZ-1300
Recycling plant
Steam plant, water treatment, accumulator and compressor

VIRO´s EPS production plants at a glance

• High productivity by optimum plant logistics
• Low production and life cycle costs with high quality equipment and utilities
• Fast return on investment due to integrated project time schedules
• Equipment with the required peripherals
• Systems for fully automated operation
• On-site commissioning and training of operator personnel
• All from a single supplier with a defined contact point.

A new EPS plant must be designed to take advantage of the latest technology and industrial experience.

VIRO´s extensive investment in research and development activities maintains the Group as one of the leading supplieres to the EPS Industrie. This, coupled with VIRO´s experience from hundreds of references, enable the best offering in design and engineering, and the total project management service.

All our plants are covered by a risk assessment and are CE marked, the blockmoulds will be executed according to the pressure vessel certification and rated according to the P.E.D European Directive 2014/68/EU.

Many people, who visit our site, are just wondering, what the initial investment for the SMALLEST plant would be, so here is some basic information about production of EPS insulation sheets and shapes:

EPS is a mass product

There is no feasable way for production of EPS blocks and sheets below a capacity of 50 m3/h
If you need a smaller quantity, but still want to make your own special product, buy EPS blocks from a local supplier and start your local business with a foamcutter.

EPS insulation sheet production with our shape moulding machines is a solution to start with 30 - 40m3/h.

Production is only profitable, using machines with low energy consumption and high grade to automation

Block sizes: metric imperial
Length 2000 - 8000mm 8´- 24´
Width 1000 or 1200mm 40" or 50"
Height 1200 - 1600mm 50" - 60"