Silo plants for pre-expanded EPS beads and regrind with automatic controls :

• EPS Storage silos made from static disrupting impregnated fabric
with excellent breathing application
• Welded and Painted Steel Frame with Carbon Steel Tube and flanges
• Level Control Sensors
• Silo Discharge Units
• Platform with handrails and ladders
• Passive DeDusting Ventilation for regrind silos
• Set of Feed and Discharge Piping, incl. Diverters, Shutters,
Pneumatic Activators and Switches
• Junction Box and accessory kit for automated and remote silo control operation
• Silo Control System incl. touch screen operation

Your advantages
• Silo size will be optimized for better yield according to layout
• Silos and plant components can be designed acc. to the provisions of the ATEX directives