January 2017
Successful installation of the new TNG-8 Blockmould:
- adjustable block length 8.200 - 6.000 mm
- adjustable block height 1.800 - 1.250 mm
- compression for high regrind content
- block weight correction system
- closed loop cooling system

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December 2016
Delivery of a 6-side packaging system to our customer in Canada:
- 6-side packaging machine type AFP-1200
- Fast film changing system and crane
- Shrink Tunnel Type VST
- Stacker Type SA-3000
- ORBITER-3000 horizontal stretch wrapper
- Automatic skid feeding unit with magazine

October 2016
The biggest Plastics Show on earth:
Thank you very much for your visit - see you at K-2019 !

June 2016
Presentation of the new STYROPLOT contour cutting with independent axis control for cutting tapered roof sheets:
The cutting frame can be tilted from horizontal to vertical cutting direction for cutting of corner sheets with multiple wires.

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May 2016
During our IN-HOUSE EXPO we showed the TNG Blockmould with adjustable rear wall and adjustable bottom, the STYRODESIGN HV cutting line and the FOAMLINE HVQ cutting line with automatic downstream equipment.

Look at the video: EXPO 2016

March 2016
OPEN HOUSE with presentations to selected customers:
The EPS machinery for a complete plant was displayed during our OPEN HOUSE to 5 delegations from Europe and Asia.
Cutting Line, VIRO-BOT, Packaging Machine, Recycling System and 2 TNG Blockmoulds could be thouroughly examined during the presentations.

Feb. 2016
StyroDesign XL-2 Contour Cutter (for a customer in Germany) with a wire span of 2.000mm for profiles or sheets, 41 wires, accurately set in less than 1 minute, the new wireless remote control, StyroDesign 8.0 professional software for design, nesting for optimization of material utilisation and our high temp alloy cutting wire R41 make this machine unique in the industry today.

Jan. 2016
Blockmold using a continuous double adjustment system
One of Germany`s leading EPS converters placed an order with VIRO for an automatic EPS blockmold featuring a continuous double adjustment system for the production of blocks with different lengths and/or depths. The block volume can be continuously adjusted from 4,8 to 9,5 m3.

Dec. 2015
Complete EPS production plant for a Serbian ETICS manufacturer
Company MAXIMA d.o.o., one of Serbias biggest producer of paints, plaster and morter, placed an order with VIRO for a complete EPS production plant. The heart of the plant is VIRO´s blockmold type TNG togehter with the automatic cutting line type FOAMLINE and the VIRO-BOT system.

Dec. 2015
VIRO-BOT handling and pallet wrapping system for a XPS plant in Germany
The VIRO-BOT System featuring an ABB robot using VIRO´s special gripping tool palletizes the products. The Stargate, VIRO´s horizontal pallet wrapper, will then wrap the bales and apply XPS skids. The line was commissioned in December 2015.

Nov. 2015
StyroDesign-HVX : fully automated panel and contour cutting line.
Installation at Company LEGERLITE in Canada.

Sept. 2015
Complete EPS production plant
Installation at Company JUB in Serbia.

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July 2015
Compact Sheet Cutting Line FOAMLINE H-LWQ
Installation in Canada

The new FOAMLINE H-LWQ is a compact yet powerful cutting line for middle sized companies: a high quality machine for a very reasonable price, including the most important features of our high-end models.

Mai 2015
Thank you for attending our in-house exhibition !
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending VIRO´s in-house exhibition in Logatec. We were very appreciative of the dozens of attendees that joined us to learn about everything that VIRO offers.

April 2015
Blockmold Type TNG -
Installation at company Euro - Fat Sh.p.k.
High performance vertical EPS block molding system TNG
Fully automated EPS cutting line Type FOAMLINE HVQ.

March 2015
StyroDesign G-HS-V-DALI -
Installation at company Binné & Sohn
Fully automatic contour cutter STYRODESIGN GHSV for shapes and sheets, especially for products TAPERED ROOF.
DAL-I marking system in real operation.

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February 2015
StyroDesign G-HS-V-X BAND-IT -
Installation at company EPS PROFS
Fully automatic contour cutting line for shapes and sheets, especially for TAPERED ROOF products.
Wrapping of film stripes with Band-it system.

February 2015
Cutting system Type BLADERUNNER -
Installation at company ISOESTE
High speed LAJE / BOVEDILLA cutting and packaging line with automatic adjustment for fast product change

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January 2015
Automatic EPS board processing and packaging lines -
Installation at company FLATZ
Automated board processing and packaging line featuring the Hedghog system and our best seller the automatic packaging machine type PPZA.

Dezember 2014
Complete EPS plant -
Installation at company CELLTERM AB
The heart of the new plant is the VIRO´s block molding system type TNG-5. In combination with the automatic cutting line type FOAMLINE HVQ including an ABB robotic systems for material handling, this plant is one of the most efficient and powerful production sites for EPS in Scandinavia.

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